BURDA TERM 2000 L&H 82cm IP65

7 300 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
TERM 2000 L&H 82 cm
The one and only TERM 2000 L&H.

Now available with special effect lighting

The high-quality TERM 2000 L&H is now available with special effect lighting. Six different colours make it possible to create an individual atmosphere, perfect for outdoor catering or creating a colourful mood at home. The minimal floor space and the individual adjustable effect lighting combine to ensure a cozy atmosphere and a highly colourful mood.

Technical data

Model: TERM 2000 L&H 82 cm
RLH1165F (1.100 W)
RLH1765F (1.750 W)
RLH2165F (2.100 W)
WxHxD: 82,5 x 9,5 x 12,5 cm
Weight: 3.350 g
Color: Silver (Aluminium)
Protection class: IP65