The Royal Palm 3 x 1500 Watt IP65

15 800 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
The Royal Palm 4500 Watt IP65

The highlight of the design infrared heaters - and by far the most expensive and most original infrared heater for outdoor and indoor:

The Royal Palm stainless steel - made in Germany.

This design object is built with quality materials, including stainless steel V2A in Germany.
The infrared Royal Palm is available in different versions with 1 to 4 infrared heaters and also with a cooling spray-mist-system, so this masterpiece can be used in every season. This German quality has its price!

We present the version with 3 infrared heaters à 1500 watts.
Please ask for other models.

The operating voltage for this device is customary in Europe 230 Volt, 16 Ampere.

3 x 1500 Watt


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