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HELIOSA 66 - 1500 / 2000 Watt IPx5 waterproof

4 800 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms

Den starkaste IR-A värmare på marknaden i hela världen!
Professionell terrassvärmare för uteservering
Tillverkad i Europa

Roterbar lampa för montering på vägg eller ställ (tillval).

Uppvärmningsyta: ca. 20-24kvm*

IPX5 protection rating: totally protected against rain and water sprays

     Roterande modell för vägginstallation eller stativ
     Färg Vit Carrara RAL 9016 eller antracit
     Effekt 1500 eller 2000 watt
     Uppvärmd yta ungefär 20-24 m2
     220-240V 50 / 60Hz
     IPX5-skyddsgrad: helt skyddad mot regn- och vattenspray
Mått: 51x16x21,5 cm, Vikt 2,1 kg
Max installationshöjd 1500 Watt: 2,00-2,50 m
Max installationshöjd 2000 Watt: 2,50-2,80 m
Positionering: vägg eller mobil stativ

HELIOSA-serien är godkända med CE-och GS -Tuev certifikat med de högsta krav och säkerhet som erfodras.

HELIOSA 66 - 1500 Watt IPx5 i vit
HELIOSA 66 - 1500 Watt IPx5 i antracit

HELIOSA 66 - 2000 WATT IPx5  i vit

HELIOSA 66 - 2000 WATT IPx5  i antracit
HELIOSA 66 Amber Light - 2000 Watt IPx5 i vit LOW GLARE
HELIOSA 66 Amber Light - 2000 Watt IPx5 i antracit LOW GLARE

* The range test data may vary according to installation height, environmental conditions and synergic relations established between installed heaters. With regard to synergy,heating results may be considerably optimized.


In the Heliosa Hi Design Line are enclosed, in a stylish design, all technical and professional characteristics that allow its models to be used in the most elegant and exclusive places.
Star Progetti has created shapes that result as being unique and trendy. The Heliosa® Hi Design line comes with smooth, pleasing, soft shapes and fit into any kind of decor. The colour Carrara White Ral 9016 is very fashionable and, most of all, complete the irresistible appeal of these models. Each and every one of these models has been studied to achieve different purposes in terms of heating in order to satisfy all environmental situations and furniture.
creating a powerful heating source, homogeneous and adjustable. with these unique characteristics Heliosa® Hi Design are among the most efficient and stylish heaters available on the market.